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Carnival of Ohio Politics

This week's carnival is up and ready for your enjoyment! Click here for rich, bloggy goodness from all over Ohio!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Public Financed Abortions

In an odd Toledo Blade editorial, I get the distinct impression that they believe that Ted Strickland could push for public financing of abortions.

Funny, I don't remember that campaign promise, but since Ted didn't say that he'd interfer with the Death Penalty like it now looks like he will, the abortion debate could get heated again here in the Buckeye state.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Tis the Season

...for Barney Cam. Check out the cameo by Ohio's own Rob Portman and Tony Snow!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

New Member Announcement

Please welcome Nasty, Brutish & Short to the State of Ohio Blogger Alliance. Another great blog hailing from southern Ohio and another one of the blogs that I am glad to finally have in the Alliance as I've been reading NSB for quite some time...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Deborah Pryce Declared the Winner in Ohio's 15th District

From The Columbus Dispatch:

Ohio’s closest congressional race is official, but it’s still not over. Republican Deborah Pryce was declared the winner yesterday by 1,054 votes over Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy in central Ohio’s 15th District.

With provisional and last-minute absentee ballots added to the totals, the margin narrowed so considerably from unofficial election-night returns that state law requires a recount. Pryce’s official margin was less than half a percentage point out of more than 220,000 votes cast.

Still, it was big enough for the fourth-ranking House Republican to declare victory more emphatically than she did Nov. 7.

"We do have a healthy four-digit lead," she said.

Words can barely express my joy at this result. Kilroy has run the Franklin County Commission like the North Pole: handing out goodies to people who are "nice" (belong to unions, donate to her campaign) while locking out hard-working citizens who are "naughty" (failing to do the above).

In addition, the ink was barely dry on Taft's tax increase (so much for it being "temporary!") when Kilroy began the process to raise taxes on county citizens (TEL anyone?)

While there is still a chance for Kilroy to steal the election (am I the only one who shivers at the thought of Democrats re-counting votes?), I expect Pryce to maintain her seat, though she has already announced that she is stepping down from her post as the 4th ranking Republican in the House. While Pryce is not conservative enough for me (who is?), I believe that she has done a good job in the House and she has earned my respect.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Carnival of Ohio Politics

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Congrats to Andy Vance and the Buckeye Ag Radio Network

Andy Vance of SOB Alliance member Andy’s Angle “was recognized as the National Association of Farm Broadcasting’s Horizon Award Winner at this year’s convention.”

Heartiest congrats to Andy, his partner Lindsay Hill, and all at the Buckeye Ag Radio Network (BARN). May it be only the beginning.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Economics and Social Policy Call for Submissions

General E&SP announcement: Next week, the carnival will be dedicated to Milton Friedman. So, feel free to dredge up pieces and links on the life, career, and contribution of Dr. Friedman and submit them to the carnival.

FYI, Issue #21 is now up.

Friday, November 17, 2006

LA Times spreads Islamist propaganda

Two days ago, the Los Angeles Times reported that an American airstrike in Ramadi killed 30 Iraqi civilians, including women and children. That's a horrible tale of woe, isn't it? But there's one little detail that's missing from the story: it's a complete fabrication.

Bo Schembechler, R.I.P.

Bo Schembechler, the coach for that football team up north when I was growing up, passed away this morning, he was 77. I do not know if angels play football, but if they do, I'd love to see Woody and Bo face off again.

My sympathy and prayers go out to the family, friends and former players.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Milton Friedman, R. I. P.

In an era when a proper understanding of economics is desperately needed, America's #1 defender of the free market has left us.

For those with a subscription to The Wall Street Journal, a wealth of information can be found here.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Member Change

Mark McNally, formerly of Blackwell v. Strickland, is now blogging at The Pain Dealer. The Alliance blogroll has been updated.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

SOB-BS Brief Recap

First of all, thanks to all who managed to make it.

The morning session was pretty much devoted to talking out the last election cycle. Which was fascinating for people who really appreciate a good discussion of the finer points of Ohio politics. That discussion spilled over in to the afternoon session when Matt Naugle arrived...(the video of Matt teeing off a Bob Taft bobblehead is a must-see!)

The afternoon session was primary devoted to what we should do next... We settled in on watching a few state and local races as we build up to the next round of state-wide races. The key at this point is to maintain the majority in both chambers of the state legislature...(more on this in email)

Also discussed was a few items regarding what is next for the Alliance (also another email topic not for public consumption).

I know, it doesn't sound like much, but we actually got quite a bit done and had a pretty good time. Perhaps others who attended would like to fill in some gaps...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

High Turnout

From WCPO (ABC-Cincinnati):

More Ohioans voted for governor in Tuesday's elections than in any other gubernatorial election in the past, but turnout was still lower than expected.

About 3.87 million people cast ballots Tuesday almost a quarter million more than when Republican George Voinovich was elected governor in 1990.

And I suppose that explains why turnout was so poor in my neighborhood: KB was unable to stop Republicans from staying home. :(

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Why Mary Taylor?

UPDATE: Please read this view from the left (especially the comments) and see that we, those who seek to end the silly racial divisions and create a society where race means much less than it does today, also have enemies on the left. In some ways, I think that they may even be stronger than the ones I wrote of in this article. The old men who struggled to save segregation are dying and even their children are getting old. As for the left, our children in high school but especially college are being brainwashed into the bizarre beliefs of these racial huckesters. As much I dispise blind bigotry, I am much more fearful of a man who, with eyes wide open, attempts to engenieer a society where the elite decides the winners and the losers, dividing us into more and more nonsensical categories.

Please do not get the wrong idea, I supported Miss Taylor for the post and voted for her, but I must question again: why?

Of all of the Republicans to win, why was she the one? It has been noted that Betty Montgomery was one of the highest vote getters in history, yet she lost? (Yeaaaa!!!!!!!!)

I realize that Rep. Sykes was surrounded by a little scandal, but so was Marc Dann (he makes Taft look like a child when it comes to Pay-to-Play).

When Paul over at Newshound suggested that one of the reasons that Ken Blackwell would not win election was because of the color of his skin, I scoffed. I do not mean to say that that was the reason that he lost, it was not. In fact, I believe that if he ran as I advised him, he might have won. I am not a Democrat and I am not going to run around making excuses.

I have no proof of the reason why Mrs. Sykes lost and there may have been factors that I am unaware of, but, since we are so close to the season of good will toward men, it seems like something we might like to ponder.

Kilroy/Pryce Race not Over

From The Columbus Dispatch:

A lawsuit filed in Cuyahoga County last night pushed back the voting deadline in 16 precincts by 90 minutes and helped Franklin County officials get their absentee ballots counted.

Still, more than 20,000 absentee and provisional ballots will not be counted until next week and could change the results in some close races, including one for Congress and the Central Ohio Transit Authority sales tax increase.

The Ohio Democratic Party sued in U.S. District Court in Cleveland, complaining about polling places that opened late and had long lines because of malfunctioning voting machines.

Blackwell then ordered all county elections boards to keep voting results under wraps until 9 p.m. A Blackwell spokesman said Democrats were manipulating the election system.

"What I think you're looking at is the Ohio Democratic Party hand-selecting some precincts where they thought that they could squeeze out a few more votes in the 90 minutes following the regular close of polls," said James Lee.

In Franklin County, officials said early last night that they would not be able to count 19,000 absentee ballots that voters had returned before Monday, the usual cut-off date for including the votes in Election Day totals. Because the court order gave them an additional 90 minutes before the election was officially over, they resumed tabulating and finished the count.

However, the results from 20,000 additional absentee ballots delivered Monday and yesterday, and an unknown number of provisional ballots, will not be known until the end of next week. That throws into question the COTA 0.25 percent sales tax, which was winning by about 4,000 votes in unofficial returns, and the congressional race in which U.S. Rep. Deborah Pryce led Mary Jo Kilroy by about 4,000 votes.

We had better not let the Democrats steal this election. Even though she is known as a moderate, she does not deserve to be cheated and Kilroy is a far-left, scumy tax-raiser.

I will be watching this race closely that's for sure.

Donald Rumsfeld Falls on the Sword

FOX/AP is reporting that Donald Rumsfeld is stepping down as Secretary of Defense.

One of the few gentlemen left in Washington, Rumsfeld tried to take on the Dragon of Washington and its defense spending based more upon what congresscritters can "get" for their districts rather than what is needed to defend us from our enemies. He is a gracious man, so far above his enemies that it is a shame that it had to end this way, but alas...

I thank him for his service.

Tester In, Burns Out in Montana

There are 4,000 or so votes seperating them and I suspect that there may be a recount but it is doubtful.

It was my understanding that Burns was surrounded in scandal but I am unsure if he is guilty or not. If he was to win in a recount (doubtful), he should step aside if ever found guilty of a major crime.

The Democrats are closer to their 51st Seat.

Steele Conceeds

The Democrat's pick up of Maryland is official.

Another Dem Senate Pick-Up

Another fine conservative (Talent of Missouri) has paid the price for moderation in the pursuit of justice.

I am going to bed and when I wake up the Democrat Party will control both houses of congress.

Tomorrow, the fight for truth, justice and the American way begins anew.

Majority Leader John Boehner Statement on the 2006 Election

I’d like to congratulate House Democrats on a hard-fought campaign. We are deeply disappointed in the outcome, but as Republicans we must recommit ourselves to the principles that brought us to the majority and renew our drive for smaller, more efficient, more accountable government.

“I’ve said since January during my run for Majority Leader that that we as Republicans must return to the spirit of ’94 and its focus on reform. The American people strongly supported our ideas and agenda in 1994, and they still do.
We made progress this year by instituting greater fiscal discipline, rejecting some $45 billion in wasteful Democrat spending, enacting comprehensive earmark reform, and continuing to provide tax relief, but clearly we must do more and we must do better.

“Our challenge as Republicans is to regain our confidence, our courage, and our energy to address the big issues that matter – balancing the budget by reducing the size of government and cutting wasteful spending, reforming entitlement programs that aren’t sustainable for our children and our grandchildren, providing tax relief to enhance freedom and prosperity for American families, and strengthening national and border security.

If Republicans stand together and unite behind solutions and ideas that move us closer to our common vision of a freer, more prosperous America, I’m confident the American people will return us to the majority in two years.”

While Old Men Like Me Rage at the Wind...

The future of America answers the call of history (from Right on the Right):

America’s Victory ‘08

Tonight, in the midst of Democratic victories which don’t really show the positivism of the Left, but only show the horrible failures of our party, I’m announcing the creation of America’s Victory ‘08. America’s Victory ‘08 will be an organized effort amongst bloggers, registered voters, and hopefully candidates, to field strong Conservative candidates in 2008, not only to challenge the new Democrat majorities, but to run for President, and to replace weak Republicans who don’t think Conservatively. AV ‘08 will only endorse/support candidates who:

- Are Completely Dedicated To Winning the War in Iraq
- Are Completely Dedicated To Broadening and Winning the War on Terror
- Will Secure Constitutionalist Judges For Our Courts
- Will SECURE Our Border, Without Amnesty, Without Exception
- Will Represent Strong Moral Values (on abortion, gay marriage, etc…)
- Will Work on Reducing Spending, and Balancing Our Budget

This is obviously just beginning, and we’re looking to rally support as quickly as possible. We’re talking about a new Contract With American here folks. We’re talking about winning wars, securing borders, and telling America what our beliefs are really about. We’re talking about re-capturing the essense of our nation. Let’s survive the next two years, and secure victory in 2008.

–To Join, Send an Email to Planning will begin almost immediately on some sort of blogroll, some sort of website, and some sort of discussion group. We’ll try to move quickly!

Sign me up!

You Can Still Kill Your Kid in South Dakota

The South Dakota abortion ban has been overturned and the misstep by the pro-life community has temporarily set back the cause.

First off, Kennedy is the 5th vote for Roe so the ban was DOA (pun intended) from the start. Secondly, we have yet to convince enough Americans that we much choose life over the "inconvenience" of pregnancy.

Abortion will eventually be abolished in America, but now is not that time. As for me, I will not give up until abortion, like slavery, is abolished forever.

The Bobs have F***ed Us...

OK, I stole this one from Matt....

Bob Ney, Bob Taft, and Bob Bennett have destroyed Ohio as a Red State. Yes, the Petrophiles helped, but I lump them in with Bennett. Bennett must never ever be mentioned again, let his name be stricken from the record. He took what should have, should have even with the problems nationally, and turned it into a catastrophe. He and the ORP was General Custer walking in drunk and stupid into the Little Big Horn.

Virginia: The New Florida

FOX just reported that the vote totals were transposed and Allen is actually ahead by a few hundred votes.

You know, if Algore had just acted like a man and admitted that he lost, our elections would not be so darned screwy.

Corker Wins the Tenn. Senate Seat

Now that that's over, please come home Mr. Ford -- you are just too nice to be a Democrat.

An Underground Conservative Win

The good people of Michigan (I never thought that I'd type those words) have taken a stand against racial division. The Michigan Civil Rights Initiative has passed.

Virginia Headed for a Recount

Sadly, Jim Webb is clinging to a slight lead.

OH1 and OH2

Biz I think Schmidt is much closer than she needs to be and it was definitely the outlying counties buying the lies that the Enquirer spit out and never retracted.

But I think the Enquirer and the Coasties are going to come up short yet again...

OH1 is safe for chabot. Hamilton is up to 83% and Chabot is maintaining his margin with still a lot of Butler outstanding.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Pryce Wins!!!!

Kilroy deserved to lose even more than Ted Strickland.

This was probably my most desired outcome in Ohio (Me, fighting for a moderate? I guess that I am not so "nutty" or "extreme" after all.)

Imagine that...

OH 01 and OH 02 Are Still Nail-Biters

Chabot is up by 600 votes with about 65% counted. 37% of Butler that remains should help, but Hamco depends on which precincts haven't come in yet.

Schmidt is up by about 5,000 with about 18% of Hamco and half of Scioto left. She's in better shape than Chabot.

Both are so much closer than they should be it makes ill.

UPDATE: Chabot up by 4,300. That would appear to be tough for Cranley to make up, because only 16% of Hamco is left, and the rest of Butler should give Chabot another 1,000 to work with.

Schmidt looks more vulnerable now. Her lead is down to 3,300 but Scioto is 100% in that total. Wulsin literally stole a 10,000 vote swing with the lies about the nuke dump in Pike and Scioto. Only 17% left in Hamco. She should hang on, but it's not a given.

UPDATE 2: Whew. SOS is missing 800 of Schmidt's 4800-vote margin in Warren Co.

UPDATE 3: CHABOT UP 10,000 with only the Butler co. and less than 15 of Hamco remaining. CHABOT WINS! CHABOT WINS!

UPDATE 4: Schmidt's 1400 lead at SOS STILL doesn't include 800 of Warren's margin. The SOS says Clerco's not done, but it it's all in there.

Washington Post Withdraws 'Call'

Michael Steele is fighting on and gaining ground!

I disagree with a few of his positions, but gosh do I love his spine of ... well ... steel!

DeWine Concedes

I fear that Brown may hold his seat until he decides to retire (or when Hillary becomes president, whichever comes first).

John Kaisch for Senate?

More Post Mortem

Here is another thought. The GOP vastly overestimated their hold on the SW part of the state, specifically Brown County and Adams and a couple of others. Greg Hartmann, R candidate for Sec of State, and a fine Clerk of Courts for Clermont County, I do not recall him coming to any of these counties at all. Blackwell only came down here in the later days, and did not attend big events or give enough notice to party machinery here to round up the base.

The GOP just looked at the 2004 map and saw rural counties went for Bush in big numbers and just assumed, Hell, we don't have to campaign there, we don't have to do a damn thing except show up.....Well, guess what? Just having your name on the ballot doesn't work. Note to the GOP: DON'T TAKE RURAL VOTES FOR GRANTED....EVER....AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

America is Being Wounded Tonight

Several conservatives are losing due to the liberal policies which the GOP had thrust upon them.

Remember this night as the moment that America retreated from freedom into tyranny.

Lost in Space

FOX reports that Zack Space has defeated Padgett.

Oh yea, another liberal Republican who will save us all!!!!!

Vic Wulsin now has a 15,000 vote...

margin to make up. I think we're going to have Jean to kick around at least ;-)

The Bad News Continues

Pryce is losing (by 2%) and the smoking Nazi's have won (not only do I call for civil disobedience, I renew my call for a Lake Erie tobacco party!)

Give me liberty...!

A Democratic Wave Indeed

I now predict that the Democrats will take both the House and the Senate. In Ohio, only that fat cow Montgomery will win, leaving all other statewide offices in the hands of the Democrats.

Prediction: If the Ohio GOP does not become a conservative party, Ohio will become a part of Southern Michigan.

Early Post-Mortem

First, to all you Petro-ites who stayed home, or who voted for Strickland, thank you. Thank you for sending Ohio to the worst business climate in the state. I also want to thank you for sending more jobs to other states. And I want to thank you for taking more of my money and putting it in the State Coffers.

Blackwell lost because, quite frankly, the party organization did not want him to win. He was never a yes man, never bowed to the special interest bloat that plagues this party. He was a breath of fresh air, which of course, Bob Bennett cannot understand because he is from Cuyahoga County. Bob Bennett's reign as chair will go down as a disaster, in that he could not deliver the governorship to us with a strong candidate and strong values.

Blackwell also lost because his campaign did not define his enemy soon enough. They followed the national GOP model of waiting til the last minute, and not letting their candidate get out and define Strickland. All Strickland had to do was parrot Petro's talking points. Thanks so much for that unity, Petrophiles, really.....

Strickland won because he was never defined. He played the faith card, he played the conservative card, and damned if the Republicans waited too late to jump on that. I am ashamed of many in the United Methodist Church who voted Strickland because he was an ordained minister, albeit one who supports partial birth abortion and gay marriage, but if you look at the way the Methodist Church is trending, that is no big surprise. It means my church will be taking some serious looks at leaving the Methodist church.

Strickland won because he was able to take his kook base, get them to be quiet, and create a unified front. They were able to play kook in Cuyahoga, but hardcore conservative in the heartland. Blackwell was too busy trying to gain 1-2 percent of the black vote in nw ohio.

The Ohio GOP will not get this message. Instead of doing what is needed, going further to conservative values: ie, balancing the budget, tax cuts, pro business; we instead will get more candidates in the line of Petro. In other words, look for a wishy washy sack of crap like John Kasich running for governor of Ohio in 2010. And look for another defeat. Until this party realizes that what is needed is a clear difference between us and them, rather than just shades of grayness and crap, you will see this crap.

Of course, no one will listen to us, why? Because we are just bloggers. Sure, we get mentions here and there at their "unity dinners" or at candidate training, but they refuse to listen to us, much to their own detriment.

Friends, maybe it is time we move the SOB to another state....I am thinking somewhere in the South, you know, where ALL THE JOBS are going.....

Joe Wins!

And the anti-war, anti-American gets one punch in the gut!

Blackwell May Have Conceded...

UPDATE: CNN also calls it for Brown. Now if we could just get rid of Betty Montgomery, we could call it a clean sweep and begin to rebuild a broken party on a foundation of conservatism.

...but DeWine has not and the Ohio GOP disputes the AP's call for Brown.

Issue 2 Passes

So says CNN.

Ohioans have voted to put the poor and the elderly out of work.


Blackwell Concedes

COLUMBUS – Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell recently called opponent Ted Strickland and conceded the election.

Following are Blackwell’s comments to Strickland:

“Ted, you ran a good race and have won a tremendous opportunity to lead the people of this state to better days, a stronger economy and a higher quality of life. Congratulations and best wishes for a successful tenure as governor of the greatest state in America.”

Heartbreaker in PA!!!!

FOX calls it for Casey, defeating Rick Santorum.

Important Races

OH: Strickland defeats Blackwell
IN: Ellsworth defeats Hostettler (D pick-up)
IN: Hill (D) leads Sodrel by 8%
IN: Donnelly (D) leads Chocola by 28%
KY: Yarmuth (D) leads Northup by 1%
KY: Davis (R) leads Lucas by 3%
PA: Casey defeats Santorum

Pennsylvania Governor

FOXNews calls the race for Rendell (defeating Lynn Swann).

WTF, Over?

The polls here in Ohio closed nine minutes ago.

I've had Fox News' Election tracker up and running most of the evening, and as you can imagine there are no tallies yet to share.

Then why are both Fox and Real Clear Politics already declaring Ted the Taxer Strickland as the winner of the gubernatorial election?

At first, I thought this must've been a mistake. Then, I looked at Fox's website.

Even ONN is calling the race for Strickland.

Let not your hearts be troubled, as Hannity would say. Remember 2004? AP called Kerry the winner just before 8pm eastern?

It ain't over yet!

EDIT: Fox seems to have learned the err of their ways.

AP Calls Race for Strickland

Details as they come in.

'No-Fault' Absentee Ballots Suck

From The Columbus Dispatch:

A delay in counting thousands of ballots in Franklin County could leave elections officials unable to call close races for another 10 days.

Close races may not be determined until Nov. 18 because of a record number of absentee and provisional ballots cast in the final days of early voting and unexpected slowdowns with the machines counting them.

Democrat "reforms" = a pain in my...

Judge Extends Cleveland Voting

From the PD: "Federal judge in Cleveland has ordered 16 polling locations in Cuyahoga County to stay open until 9 p.m.

Conjecture: Democrats would not seek more time if they had the election in the bag.

1st Round of 'Calls' From Around the East

FOXNews is projecting that we have an admitted socialist in the Senate (Bernie Sanders of Vermont)! In addition, the Virginia Senate race is "too close to call" (DUH!)

From the GOP HQ


  • Of the precincts that the RNC is monitoring turnout, we have a ½% turnout advantage over the 2004 turnout (GOP precincts are turning out at 32.9% of 2004 vote while DEM precincts are turning out at 32.5% of 2004 vote)
  • Many states like Colorado, Nevada, Arizona have 25% of votes cast before election day.


  • There were 60K more ballots submitted by Republicans before Election Day – and 41% of the state has already voted.
  • In 2004 Exit Polling was off by 3.5% (they had it at 7%, actual results was 10.5%)


  • In the precincts that the RNC is tracking turnout, GOP precincts are turning out at 8% higher rate (42% to 34%) from the 2004 vote.


  • Republicans have a 140K advantage though absentee and early voting before Election Day – and 36% of the state has already voted.
  • Exit polling got it wrong in 2000 and wrong in 2004 (4% off in 2004)


  • Republican absentees had pulled within even of Democrats before Election Day – in a state with a 2:1 dem registration advantage.
  • Of the precincts we are tracking, Republican precincts are turning out 3% higher than Dem precincts off 2004 turnout (51-43).


  • Of the precincts we are tracking, Republican precincts are turning out 2.6% higher than Dem precincts (42.3% to 39.7%) based off of the 2004 vote.
  • 2004 exit polls had a 3% dem bias.


  • In 2004, exit polling was off by almost 9% (they had Kerry winning by almost 7%, we won by 2%)


  • In 2004, exit polling had the presidential within 1%, yet President Bush won by over 8%.
  • Of the precincts we are tracking, GOP precincts are turning out at 48% of 2004’s turnout while Dem precincts are only at 41%.

Ohio Dems Sue to Keep Polls Open Late

From ONN:

The Ohio Democratic party is filing a lawsuit to keep polling locations in Cuyahoga County open late, ONN affiliate WEWS reported.

Four poling locations did not open until about 7 a.m. The Democrats are not happy that they did not open on time.

They are asking a judge to keep them open. The same thing happened in the May primary.

The Democrats want to give voters extra time to cast their ballots.

They are also concerned about the security of the paper ballots that had been cast when electronic machines weren't working Tuesday morning.

The Board of Elections is prepared to argue the case in front of judge.

You Can Tell the Dems Are Having a Good Night...

You can tell that the Dems are having a good night if the anchors and reporters at the major networks are smiling.


Live Blogging Meta-Index

Ben Keeler is focusing on local and key senate races...

Non-SOB Alliance member but friendly SpaceTropic is doing updates throughout.

BMD is covering State Issues 2 & 3 plus Summit County and OH-13

Bizzy will be joining us later but has the Mother of all Collections.

Matt from WMD will be on the radio at WAR.

NixGuy has a thread going for voting reports.

Lots of posts at RAB.

Keep an eye on ABC TV News, I might make an appearance as a blogger from The Stump.

ONN has a votetracker they are going to test tonight. Might be good but probably not faster than your local BOE if it has a website.

Several of our folks will be liveblogging at this site as well, so keep refreshing.

Any other liveblogging efforts, comment here or email me dave I'll keep this post updated and bumped.

Election Predictions

OH 13: Betty Sutton. This is a Democratic safe seat. If Sutton can’t win, the Democrats are in big trouble everywhere. On the plus side, she can’t be much more of a lefty than Sherrod Brown. Warning note: Sutton was endorsed by Emily’s List, perhaps one of the more extremist abortion groups around.

Senator: DeWine in a cliffhanger, probably featuring litigation if Sherrod Brown doesn’t win. As the TBMD reader knows, I’m not a big DeWine fan, but he’s the second coming of Ronald Reagan compared to Brown.

Governor: Ted Strickland. The sheer incompetence of the Taft Administration (essentially, applying an economic policy that relies on strangling the business environment with regulations and taxes), combined with incompetence and runaway spending that might make Robert Byrd blush, has tainted Ken Blackwell (as well as DeWine and others). Blackwell didn’t run a sparkling campaign, and if there’s one thing the MSM hates (almost beyond their hatred of W) is black conservatives. Ohioans: get ready for more taxes, regulations, unemployment.

Attorney General: Betty Montgomery. She’s competent, hardworking, and looks like your grandmother.

Auditor: Mary Taylor. Another race where competence trumps the CW that Republicans can’t win.

Secretary of State, Treasurer, Supreme Court: No predictions; haven’t followed these races at all. Would be good to have more conservative justices.

Board of Education: Debra Owens Fink. Tom Sawyer is the embodiment of a tired political hack who’s overstayed his welcome.. The OH 13 Primary was presented to him on a platter, but he couldn’t summon the effort to beat a collection of 40 watt bulbs like Betty Sutton and Capri Cafaro. The only positive thing you could say about Tom is that at one point, he understood the value of trade. That’s not a big requirement at the school board, where the issue of the day is trying to restrain the rapaciousness of the NEA.

State Issue 1, Worker’s Comp. No opinion.

State Issue 2, Minimum Wage: Passes narrowly, throwing thousands of teenagers and unskilled workers out of work in January 2007, and combined with Strickland, futher poisons Ohio’s business climate for years to come.

State Issue 3, Gambling (amendment to insure that no racetrack owner’s daughter has to drive a two year old Mercedes) fails. Casinos may or may not be a good idea, but it’s not a good idea to let the prospective casino owners write amendments to your constitution.

State Issues 4 & 5 : Nanny state initiatives. I’d like both to fail (and I’m not a smoker), but at least one will pass.

Cross posted at TBMD.

Democrat Thuggery @ Ohio Polls?

ConservativeGuy blogs at Right Angle about an e-mail from the Ohio GOP reporting problems with Democrat poll observers:

We're receiving widespread reports today of Democrats engaging in questionable and possibly illegal voter suppression tactics at polling locations across the state.

If you experience any problems with Democrat poll observers inside a voting location or with activists outside, please report them to us by email at

Democrats have proven they'll do anything to win an election - even if it means breaking the law.

* Republican voters are reporting intimidation tactics being used by Democrat activists outside polling locations.

* We've heard reports of Democrat poll observers engaging in illegal activity by communicating with voters as they vote.

* Some Republican voters are even being told by Democrat poll workers that they can't cast a ballot.

Help us put a stop to these illegal efforts to suppress the Republican vote. Report problems now by sending detailed information to

If you have not already voted, the polls are open until 7:30 p.m. We're seeing high turnout in Republican precincts statewide, but every vote is critical!

If you will remember, it was not too long ago that Democrats let loose dogs on black folks trying to register.

The more that things change...

Your (Democrat) Government @ Work

The Plain Dealer reports that over 10% of Cuyahoga County ballots won't be counted today.

As Hugh Hewitt once said: If it ain't close, they can't cheat.

Repeat After Me: 'Diebold'

Michelle Malkin reports that lefties are starting to preemptively blame Diebold for all of their troubles.

And the media was just telling me yesterday how confident the Democrats were.

Historical Note: Democrat voters could not figure out paper ballots so the Democrat Party demanded that we spend millions of dollars on fancy electronic devices ... which Democrat voters cannot figure out...

Election predictions

Our side will lose seats, but I predict that the Republicans will hold both the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House. Mike DeWine will barely beat Sherrod Brown.

The Democratic Party will descend into vicious infighting as it tries to assign blame for its failure. John Kerry will be the first and most prominent whipping boy. The left-wing blogs will scream bloody murder about "voter suppression" and "election fraud", since they cannot comprehend the possibility that the majority of voters don't share the left's beliefs.

The Dinosaur Media will breathlessly report electronic voting problems and will try to sway late voters with wildly inaccurate exit polls purporting to show Democrat victory in the offing. Once it becomes clear that the Republicans have squeaked out a win, the media will openly bemoan Democrat ineptness, finally casting aside any illusion of objectivity and impartiality. They will continue to hemorrhage what little credibility they still have, and the next round of newspaper circulation numbers and TV news ratings will show major drops across the board.

My Congressional District, the 13th, will be saddled with Democrat Betty Sutton, which is a no-brainer thanks to the inept and under-funded campaign of RINO Craig Foltin.

Issue 2 (boosting the minimum wage) will pass by a close margin, Issue 3 (legalized gambling) will fail by a close margin, Issue 4 (limited smoking ban) will fail, and Issue 5 (total smoking ban) will fail by a large margin.

I grind my teeth to say it but I think Ted Strickland will be our new Governor ... yet Ken Blackwell will only lose by less than 7%. Most importantly, Blackwell will capture more than 1/3 of the black vote, which will ring alarm bells throughout the Democratic Party.

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Blackwell Gets An Early Start

It was only 7am and Ken was already busy "suppressing" the black vote!

Cuyahoga County, Again

From the AP:

Programming errors and inexperience dealing with electronic voting machines frustrated poll workers in hundreds of precincts early Tuesday, delaying voters in Indiana, Ohio and Florida and leaving some with little choice but to use paper ballots instead.

In Cleveland, voters rolled their eyes as election workers fumbled with new touchscreen machines that they couldn't get to start properly until about 10 minutes after polls opened.

"We got five machines - one of them's got to work," said Willette Scullank, a trouble shooter from the Cuyahoga County, Ohio, elections board.

Voters Crash Franklin County Phone System, Again

From The Columbus Dispatch:

Franklin County's phone system was returned to service about 90 minutes after it collapsed today under a crush of calls from voters and poll workers.

The volume of calls “overwhelmed the system,” Franklin County Elections Director Matthew Damschroder said.

Phones returned to normal about 9:30 a.m. The system also went down during the May 2 primary, delaying final returns until 2 a.m.

Damschroder said the system could not handle the quantity of calls from voters needing help to figure out where to vote and from poll workers needing help figuring out how to set up new electronic machines.

The only "problem" that I had involved the nice old lady signing me in sitting and staring at my driver's license for over 3 minutes! Other than that, everything went just fine.


From The Cincinnati Enquirer:

Congressman Steve Chabot found out just how serious elections officials are about the new voter ID law when he showed up to vote at his polling place in Westwood.

Chabot went into the polling place at Westwood First Presbyterian Church about 9:30 a.m. and pulled out his Ohio driver’s license to show the poll workers. They looked at his license, and told the congressman that, even though they know perfectly well who he is, his driver’s license was issued to his business office, not his home, which is his voting address.
Say it with me: Doh!

What Does the NY Times Know?

SOB Alliance member Right on the Right links to an odd New York Times story on how Dems may react if the absurd predictions of Democrat victories fail to materialize:

For a combination of reasons — increasingly bullish prognostications by independent handicappers, galloping optimism by Democratic leaders and bloggers, and polls that promise a Democratic blowout — expectations for the party have soared into the stratosphere. Democrats are widely expected to take the House, and by a significant margin, and perhaps the Senate as well, while capturing a majority of governorships and legislatures.

“Two years ago, winning 14 seats in the House would have been a pipe dream,” said Matt Bennett, a founder of Third Way, a moderate Democratic organization. Now, Mr. Bennett said, failure to win the House, even by one seat, would send Democrats diving under their beds (not to mention what it might do to all the pundits).

“It would be crushing,” he said. “It would be extremely difficult.”

Mr. Cook put it more succinctly. “I think you’d see a Jim Jones situation — it would be a mass suicide,” he said.

Real Teen provides some sound advice:

Better hide the Kool-Aid because tonight is a win for the GOP. Make sure you get out and vote, because you can help make this a big day.

'Strickland's 'Unfit for Command' Moment'

As if you needed more convincing!

Bonus: Rowdy and righteous Franciscans from Steubenville!!!!!!

A Blackwell/DeWine Win = a Stolen Election?

Get ready for the kooks to croon from the rooftops if my predictions are correct:

While we have all been thinking about the Senate and House, there are elections taking place that will be just as important in deciding our future.

For example two in Ohio. Sherrod Brown and Ted Strickland you say? Well, they are both fantastic candidates, but those races are done deals unless the GOP steals them in broad daylight.

Because that is what it would take to erase leads of 30 and 20 points, respectively (as for Ted Strickland, I will write another piece here in the future discussing how he is the perfect new face for the Democratic Party).

If you ask me, there are going to be at least a few Democrats crying on Wednesday!

Live-Blogging the Election

Make sure to check us out here at the State of Ohio Blog Alliance all day and into the wee hours of the morning as we will have instant news, analysis and results (many times before the networks themselves!!!!)

As a bonus, we will be linking to the better posts by our members and let me tell ya: we have got a heck of a bunch good writers here in the Buckeye state!

We broke a couple of scoops during the primaries so feel free to stop by early and often.

Monday, November 06, 2006

The 1st Annual Kelso Election Day Spectacular

Welcome my friends to the show that will end the day after the election (this has been a long election season and we all need to take a break). Below you will find my endorsements, predictions of both Ohio and other national races that interest me and enough witty and urbane commentary to keep you and your friends riveted for a whole half an hour or so. So, now that the ol’ crystal ball has been polished, let’s begin!

Do not believe the hype: The GOP will control the House by 2 and the Senate by 1. Hillary will become president in 2008 and shortly thereafter the GOP will make major gains all over the country including veto-proof majorities in both houses!

Ohio Governor: To say that Ken Blackwell has run a bumpy campaign would be an understatement. From crushing conservative hearts with the dumping of forced governmental fiscal responsibility (TEL) to the playing with socialized medicine to the obvious signs of the Ohio liberal Republican establishment on his campaign, Ken did not run the campaign that most conservatives would have predicted. Still, he remains within striking distance (hence the attempts to depress the conservative vote).

Sadly, I must be honest with you dear reader and the major reason that I endorse Ken Blackwell for governor of the great state of Ohio revolves around Bob Taft. I am frankly tired of Taftian economics and can hardly bear the thought of Tax … er … Ted Strickland’s continuance of Taft’s job-killing ways. Furthermore, you can count on Ted to force his far-left values on all of us and the idea of having the government force my family and I to bow to the left’s bizarre “morality” sickens me. I will even go so far as to predict that Strickland will abandon his pro-gun stance if gun control would once again come into vogue.

Prediction: As I stated earlier, the crystal ball remains cloudy due to the wild card of the black vote; one area that Blackwell has done in well is with his “urban” campaign. I fear that he will lose (by no more than 5 points), but cannot right him off even now. Note to the Ohio GOP: GOTV!!!!!

Ohio Senator: Even up to this weekend I had planned to leave this one blank, but the Democrat Party has convinced me to vote against them by pressing the pretty red light by DeWine’s name. DeWine has shown a sickening desire to sleep with Democrats and I feel that he does it sometimes for no reason other to spit in conservative’s eyes. The nastiness of Democrats this cycle has surpassed any campaign season in my memory. Sherrod Brown is a far-far left incompetent that will do nothing but divide Americans. I don’t necessarily think that that is a bad thing as I do not want to be united with the traitorous, perversion that is the modern Democrat Party. That said, who wants this knucklehead telling Americans what to do and forcing his immorality on innocent people?

Please do not take this as an “endorsement” of DeWine or even a call to vote strategically. If you feel that you cannot bring yourself to vote for the RINO, walk away from the polls with clean hands and a clean conscience.

Prediction: DeWine was never far behind and will squeak out a 5-10 % victory.

State Issue 2 (raising the minimum wage): I do not wish to make it harder for seniors and poor people to get jobs. As such, I will vote with a slight majority of Ohioans to defeat Issue 2.

State Issue 3 (Allowing slots at selected race tracks with some proceeds going to higher education): As I have no strong position either way on gambling, I had originally planned to cast no vote on this amendment, allowing the people of Ohio to decide for themselves. I have changed my mind. To the mind of a young man, you must imagine my anger when I read of the FBI arresting folks in suburban Maryland and Northern Virginia (where I lived and worked at the time) for running pyramid schemes and then looking at my paychecks and seeing that the same federal government was running a pyramid scheme themselves with an unconstitutional program known as Social Security.

Little has changed. I urge you to end Ohio’s monopoly over gambling, take away their power to arrest little old ladies playing cards and pass Issue 3.

Prediction: Soon, but not yet. Issue 3 will fail by less than 6% of the vote.

State Issue 4 (The “Smoke Less Ohio” amendment that would return freedom to business owners to allow smoking in their establishments (with some restrictions)): I would vote for this amendment even if I did not smoke. We the people have no right to tell PRIVATE business owners what they must do in this area. I wish that it was not necessary to amend the constitution, but this is a desperate last resort at stopping raging lefties (and a few misguided folks on the right) from overstepping their powers as citizens. As the amendment requires restaurant owners who choose to allow smoking to create a non-smoking area that is physically separated from smoking areas, only the busybody should vote against this common sense measure.

Prediction: Let freedom ring! Issue 4 will pass by almost 10%!

State Issue 5 (The draconian “Smoke Free Ohio” state law that would prohibit not only smoking in almost every public (but privately owned) place, it would even prohibit clean, empty ashtrays sitting on top of a bar!!!!!!): Irrelevant as Issue 4 is a constitutional amendment and would override this big government lover’s dream.

Prediction: Issue 5 will pass by 3-5% -- and then be dumped in the ashtray of history!

State Races:

Attorney General



Marc Dann


Betty Montgomery


Endorsement: Neither deserves to win thus I will vote for neither.

Prediction: I despise the power-hungry candidate, but unfortunately Betty will win.

Auditor of State



Barbara Sykes


Mary Taylor


Prediction: Though the race is too close to call, one thing is sure: the winner of this race will be PRETTY!

Secretary of State



Jennifer L. Brunner


Greg Hartmann


Timothy J. Kettler

John A. Eastman

Prediction: Brunner will win by less than 5%.

Treasurer of State



Richard Cordray


Sandra O'Brien


Prediction: Though I believe that O’Brien may wind up surprising us all (and I hope that she does), I predict a Cordray win of 5%+.

Selected US House of Representatives races:

U.S. Representative (District 1)



John Cranley


Steve Chabot


My Prediction: Chabot by 9%

U.S. Representative (District 2)



Victoria Wuslin


Jean Schmidt


James J. Condit, Jr.


Nathan Noy


My Endorsement: Schmidt. I am sorry that I ever doubted Rep. Schmidt. Never again!

My Prediction: Schmidt by 9% and this will be that last race that Rep. Schmidt will win by less than 15% of the vote.

U.S. Representative (District 3)



Richard Chema


Michael R. Turner


My Prediction: Turner by 7-10%

U.S. Representative (District 4)



Richard E. Siferd


Jim Jordan


My Prediction: Jordan in a landslide.

U.S. Representative (District 5)



Robin Weirauch


Paul E. Gillmor


My Prediction: Gillmor by 10%.

U.S. Representative (District 6)



Charles A. Wilson Jr.


Chuck Blasdel


My Prediction: The polls say that Wilson will win by 10-15% and it sure makes no sense that an uber-liberal like Wilson should win in this conservative district, but we can’t win them all I guess -- Democrat hold.

U.S. Representative (District 7)



William R. Conner


Dave Hobson


My Endorsement: This is my district and even though Rep. Hobson as a little too many RINO tendencies, I will give him the benefit of the doubt this time around.

My Prediction: Hobson by 20+ percent.

U.S. Representative (District 8)



Mort Meier


John A. Boehner


My Prediction: Forgitaboutit! Boehner by 15+ percent.

U.S. Representative (District 12)



Bob Shamansky


Pat Tiberi


My Prediction: The district of my birth; Tiberi by 5+ percent -- Republican hold.

U.S. Representative (District 13)



Betty Sutton


Craig Foltin


My Prediction: Foltin in a major RINO and yet he will still lose to Betty by 15+ percent -- Democrat hold.

U.S. Representative (District 15)



Mary Jo Kilroy


Deborah Pryce


Bill Buckel


My Endorsement: Please: if you live in the 15 District, cast a ballot for Deborah Pryce. She deserves reelection and Kilroy is literally a nutcase. My family is barely getting by and she rushed to raise taxes and hurt my family.

My Prediction: Pryce by 4% -- Republican hold.

U.S. Representative (District 18)



Zack Space


Joy Padgett


My Endorsement: None. I do not trust Joy Padgett.

My Prediction: Too close to call.

Selected Ohio House:

State Representative (District 19)



Marian Harris


Larry L. Flowers


My Endorsement: This is my district and though I believe that it is about time that Rep. Flowers let’s a more conservative candidate take his place, that time is not now.

My Prediction: Flowers by 20%+.

State Representative (District 24)



Ted Celeste


Geoffrey C. Smith


My Prediction: Another Celeste in office? YUCK!!!!!

State Representative (District 30)



Bill Seitz


My Endorsement: Though he has a tendency to go off the deep end occasionally, he deserves your support.

State Representative (District 34)



Stephen E. Silver


Tom Brinkman Jr.


My Endorsement: Though he has a tendency to go off the deep end occasionally, Tom Brinkman Jr. also deserves your support.

State Representative (District 37)



Jon Husted


My Endorsement: If nobody voted for him, he could lose!!!!!! :)

State Representative (District 69)



Jack Schira


William G. Batchelder


My Endorsement: Batchelder ! Batchelder! Batchelder!

My Prediction: Batchelder! Batchelder! Batchelder!

Selected Ohio Senate:

State Senate (District 3)



Emily Kreider


David Goodman


My Endorsement: My current district and even though I disagree with Sen. Goodman’s stance on gay “marriage,” he has earned my support.

My Prediction: Goodman by 20%+

State Senate (District 15)



Ray Miller


John M. Roscoe


My Prediction: My old district and even though Miller is a corrupt racist, he will win by a landslide.

Selected National Races:

Maryland: Michael Steele will WIN! By 5%!

Pennsylvania: Though he deserves to win, Rick Santorum, one of my top 5 in the entire congress, will lose out to the last name of his challenger and that’s a shame!

Missouri: Talent will win by 5%+ and the human cloning amendment will fail.

Nevada: Via one of the worse dirty tricks in recent memory, the Democrap candidate for governor will win and that’s also a shame!

California: The big one will win.

Rhode Island: The “Republican” will win and that makes me sad.

Connecticut: Joe will win by 10%+.

Tennessee: Corker will win by 4% even though he was the least conservative in the GOP primary. Harold Ford deserves better and should change parties – he is just too nice to be a Democrat.