Thursday, April 27, 2006

Live Blogging the Primary


Members of the State of Ohio Blogger Alliance (S.O.B.) will be live-blogging the primary over at the headquarters blog.

We have a nice lineup of victims volunteers who will be reporting from all over the great state of Ohio on all the contested Republican primaries and quite a few of the uncontested ones as well.

S.O.B.ers: It is still not too late to join the madness fun! Email me to get put on the list of contributers and we'll get you set up.

UPDATE: (I think) I've sent out the Blogger invites to everybody who has chosen death volunteered to contribute. If you volunteered and I didn't send you an invite smack me around send me a gentle reminder in email and we'll take care of it when I get out of the mental ward as soon as possible.

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