Tuesday, May 23, 2006

2008: Who should conservatives support for President

The Presidential election will heat up in about a year; in late 2007 the candidates will be in full swing preparing for Iowa and New Hampshire. Conservatives who want to have a reasonable knowledge base from which to select a primary candidate should start studying now.

In that light, I researched a 4-part series on possible Presidential contenders for 2008 and posted it at the Conservative culture blog. I found that John McCain has supported gay civil unions and opposes overturning Roe v. Wade. Mitt Romney has promised to uphold gay rights and has adopted numerous strongly pro-choice positions (though he claimes to be "personally pro-life"). Rudy Guiliani's liberal views on social issues are so well known that I saw no need to cover him in depth; he openly admits to being pro-choice and while mayor of NYC advanced pioneering gay-rights legislation. George Pataki isn't much better. These candidates are RINOs, Bob Tafts in the making.

Some conservatives have been touting George Allen as a viable altnernative. A close examination of his record left me with numerous concerns, among them his support for human cloning, his support for making sodomites a protected class in hate crimes bills, and his support for abortion in a wide array of circumstances.

Sam Brownback would be a viable conservative option if he runs. But as the to-date undeclared candidates jockey for position, Mike Huckabee is quickly becoming the one for conservatives to watch.

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The Pullins Report said...

I read not long ago that Bill O'Reilly was going after Huckabee for not being tougher on child predators.