Tuesday, May 02, 2006

2nd District Wrap

Schmidt's 4,200 vote margin in Clermont County and what looks to about 900 in Hamco by the time they're done, plus 79-vote Warren County squeaker, offset against McEwen's 1400-vote margin in the eastern counties, give her a 3800-vote win.

Deb Kraus did not do as well as I expected at 6% or so, and somebody's going to have to tell me how Constable, the fourth candidate who no one saw or heard anything from anywhere that I know of pulled 3.5%. I believe both of them mostly took votes from Schmidt.

A win is a win (just ask Paul Hackett), but a lot will be made of Schmidt not getting 50% and McEwen may still think he has a career in politics, though rumor has it this may be the final try.

Wulsin wins on the Dem side. Both candidates will start out with good performances in the big 3 counties and having not done well in the 4 eastern ones.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Deb did not do as well as we expected. As we worked the polls, two things came to light: 1). I had numerous folks indicate they had NO idea there were more than Schmidt or McEwen running. Given limited resources, I leave a large majority of that at Schmidt's and McEwen's feet for running a boxing match: and 2). the newsmedia only covering the two and not even mentioning Kraus and Constanble more often than mentioning them.

I had over a dozen folks as I worked the polls yesterday ask who Deb was. Once they listened to the information, they indicated they were going to vote for her instead of the other two (now if they did, I cannot confirm). TWO actually indicated they were going to jump parties to dump Schmidt.

All in all, Deb had a good time. She is exhausted. She has met some great folks, the author of this blog is one. She hopes to continue some of these relationships as we move thru the general election in November and beyond.

I do find it interesting, and Congresswoman Schmidt should take notice...again she did not take a 50+ percent majority of the votes, as low as the turnout was. That should send some kind of message to her.