Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Another Must Read

Right Wing News' John Hawkins has a regular column in Human Events. He tackles this idea of "sitting it out" in this week's piece. A highlight:
[I]f there’s one thing I’ve learned about politics, it’s that the solution to the GOP’s problems is never, “more Democrats.”
I couldn't have said it better...

Educate the electorate.
Recruit the talent.
Win the election.
Govern with principles.
Rinse and repeat.

UPDATE: The key portion that relates to our debate here in Ohio comes right after the bit I just quoted:
That doesn’t mean that we conservatives should engage in a bunch of fake “rah-rah” or refuse to criticize Republicans if they deserve it, but it does mean that when November rolls around, conservatives should show up at the ballot box and pull the lever for the GOP.

Philosophically, that doesn’t sit well with some conservatives. They believe, with some justification, that if we don’t punish these wayward Republicans, their performance will continue to disappoint. But that’s only half the equation. It’s not about just the Republicans who’d be losing, it’s about the Democrats who’d be taking their place. Would we be better off replacing the most wishy washy Republicans with Democrats who believe that taxes are way too low and that Rep. John Murtha would make a fantastic Secretary of Defense? I think not.
Maybe we should add three more words to the mantra...

Beware the consequences.

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