Tuesday, May 02, 2006

As Clermont County Turns

Will the ballots stay dry? Will Bob McEwen ask Jimmy Carter to observe the vote count. Will...

From The Cincinnati Enquirer:

Bob McEwen has sent a representative to the Clermont County Board of Elections to ask that his campaign and that of incumbent Jean Schmidt be allowed to have official observers watching every step of the vote count tonight in Schmidt's home county of Clermont.

The Democrats are not happy either:

Tonight, every county board of elections in Ohio will have one Republican director and one Democratic deputy director supervising the counting of votes to ensure that it is done fairly.

Every county, that is, except Clermont -- where there will be a Republican director but no Democrat deputy. That's because of a dispute between the Republicans and Democrats on the county Board of Elections.

As for Bob McEwen, I think that a commenter on the Enquirer blog said it best:

Bouncin' Bob's getting pretty desperate...

Just take your beating like a man and move home to Virginia!


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