Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Be still, my beating heart.

Bob Bennett bites the bullet and lines up behind Ken Blackwell:

Ken Blackwell has proven himself to be the right candidate with the right message at the right time. He has the conviction to lead this state beyond the status quo and the skills to get us there. I have no doubt that the Democrats, and even some in the media, are underestimating his ability to connect with voters on the issues that matter. When it comes to his agenda of job creation, fiscal restraint, and government integrity, a lot of people are listening and liking what they hear.

Since Petro was all but formally the state party's candidate, that would imply that the current Ohio GOP leadership had the wrong candidate with the wrong message at the wrong time, no?

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Mark said...

I hate fake people like this. Bob Bennett makes me puke. He is a megalomaniacal dictator, and has been in regards to this party. I don't care about the electoral victories, his leadership is what has brought our trust and favorable numbers in ohio to this low. he is a maggot on the butt of the GOP.