Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Blackwell / TEL News

Just got this via email:
Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Blackwell, House Speaker Jon Husted and Senate President Bill Harris have agreed to move forward with state government spending restraints based on the key principles of Citizens for Tax Reform's Tax Expenditure Limitation amendment. Specific aspects of the legislation are currently in development.

"I am pleased Speaker Husted and Senate President Harris have committed to the adoption of statutory state government spending restraints," said Blackwell. "We have agreed in principle to general concepts the legislation will contain. Specifics are left for the legislative process."

"The General Assembly leaders have informed me it is their intention to adopt this legislation by the end of next week," added Blackwell. "I have agreed, upon adoption, to contact Citizens for Tax Reform and encourage the petition committee to withdraw the TEL amendment."

"Once enacted, Ohio will have the necessary fiscal guard rails in our budgeting process to control government spending, cut taxes and create jobs," said Blackwell. "Working with the leadership of the General Assembly, I will continue to pursue a legislative agenda to encourage entrepreneurship and get our economy moving again."

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