Friday, May 26, 2006

Boehner Statement on Senate Passage of Immigration Bill

Via email:
"The American people expect Congress to secure our borders and stop the flood of illegal immigration, and House Republicans responded by passing a strong border security bill that re-establishes basic respect for our immigration laws. Now that the Senate has passed a bill, we owe it to the American people to seek common ground on responsible solutions, while always stressing our most important priority is to secure our borders and stop illegal immigration.

"I'm committed to working with Chairman Sensenbrenner, Chairman King, and House Republicans to ensure we produce a strong bill that meets our commitments to the American people. I would urge House Democrats, who have constantly advocated troubling policies that encourage open borders and invite more illegal immigrants into our country, to join us in supporting a strong bill that addresses the concerns of the American people and makes our borders more secure."
As I understand it, the Senate bill would not secure the border first...that is a prerequisite in my book... You can't talk about guest workers or amnesty until we secure the borders.

As Bill Pierce often said; if you have an overflowing sink, which do you do first? Mop the floor or turn off the faucet?



Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

Sometimes, I think that the wrong guy won.

Matt Hurley said...


Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

Yeah, the rest of the time, I try not to think about it -- stops the screaming! :)