Thursday, May 04, 2006

Campaign Notes

From The Columbus Dispatch

Ohio Republican unity party on May 13

Me: Will "moderates" walk the "big tent" talk?

Did Bob Bennett's bad advice sink the Jennette Bradley campaign?

Me: As one of the few Taftites who escaped without dirt, Jennette Bradley earned my admiration. As a strong conservative, Sandra O'Brien earned my vote.

Choose your smoking ban.

Me: Why exactly am I making decisions for small business people?

A Central Ohio suburb could impose higher taxes on its citizens.

Me: Sure, Worthington residents can't decide for themselves if they want a tax increase, but they can comment!

Dispatch Poll predicted 7 out of 8 winners

Me: A stopped clock is right two times a day. I still don't trust mail polls and the Dispatch admitted that the lack of an "undecided" option skewed some results.

Problems voting up in Cuyahoga County? Blame Blackwell!

Me: Matt Hurley is right to be amused.

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