Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Central Ohio: 4th Congressional District Race

Rep. Michael Oxley, R-Findlay, is retiring after 25-years in congress and while there are six Republicans vying for the seat, this is essentially a two-man race between Ohio Sen. Jim Jordan of Urbana (endorsed by SOB'er Conservative Culture, as well as the Buckeye Firearms Association and the Ohio Taxpayers Association) and self-funded banker Frank Guglielmi.

While I have no horse in this race, both men have interesting qualities. I like Frank. Anybody in Central Ohio who has heard his commercials could not help but like the guy. I am not a Democrat; I do not mind that he is funding his own campaign. With all of the talk about politicians on the take, how could you buy a guy who's already rich? As for Jim Jordan, his "nay" on Taft's budget and his endorsement of Blackwell sit quite well in my book.

Polls have shown Jim Jordan with a small lead and I suspect that he will win comfortably.

UPDATE: Democrat Richard Siferd, whose idea of sacrificing for the war effort is raising your taxes, is running unopposed.


Andy Vance said...

Jim Jordan is the real deal - We interviewed him for our radio program and he is a solid citizen who really means and feels what he says he stands for. That being said, Frank G's ad people have to be commended for their clever ads - I was disappointed, however, when he took to whacking at Jordan. I liked him enough to consider voting for him; he didn't need to jump in the fray as another bash your opponent type when he was perfectly molded as an outsider to the political establishment. On the other hand, Jordan is an outsider to the establishment in his support for Blackwell and his hardlines again Taft, et. al.

Anonymous said...

I can vouch for Jim Jordan as well. He was my state representative and then state senator before I moved to Columbus, and I had the opportunity to meet him when he spoke at my high school once. He is an affable guy and a good speaker.

As for politics, social and/or economic conservatives could not ask for a better candidate than Jordan. I hope he wins the primary and then goes on to Washington.