Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Central Ohio & Final Thoughts

It has been a long, sometimes frustrating night. Ken Blackwell is my man and I will do all I can to help him win -- I don't want to move to Florida!

Central Ohio results and predictions:

4th District:

With 97% of precincts reporting, Jim Jordan wins with 36,872 (51%) to Frank Guglielmi's 21,744 (30%). I feel good about Jim Jordan and his chances -- a conservative pick-up!

12th District:

With 87% of precincts reporting, Robert Shamansky wins with 13,347 (44%) to Patricia Shaffer's 8,818 (30%). Pat Tiberi wins in a walk.

15th District:

Support Deborah Pryce!

2nd District:

Jean Schmidt will win, fairly easily.

Good night!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Support Deb Pryce? Never!!! Ever since the establishment weaseled her in there in 1994, I have never voted for her, and I never will.