Thursday, May 04, 2006

Charles Saxbe: The Face of Intolerance

From The Plain Dealer:

Despite Blackwell's emphasis on economic issues, his views on social issues are alienating moderates such as Charles "Rocky" Saxbe, a Columbus lawyer and the GOP's 1982 nominee for Ohio attorney general.

Saxbe found himself out of step with a party that handed Blackwell a double-digit victory over Ohio's more moderate attorney general, Jim Petro, and appeared ready to reject incumbent Treasurer Jennette Bradley -- a moderate -- in favor of Ashtabula County Auditor Sandra O'Brien, a social conservative.

Through much of Blackwell's campaign, he highlighted his opposition to same-sex marriage and his desire to ban all abortions, even if necessary to save the woman's life.

His stance on abortion places him to the right of most others, including President Bush.

"Worrying about gays and abortion is not going to solve the problems that affect everybody day to day in Ohio," said Saxbe, who might cast his first vote for a Democrat in November. "I'm going to be listening to what Ken Blackwell has to say and see if he cares about what I think," Saxbe said. "I'm not sure he does."

Not only is Mr. Saxbe a loser, he is also definitely not a "big tent" Republican, nor loyal to his party.

If these issues were not important to the Ohio electorate, Democrats would not support the implementation of the radical abortion and homosexual agendas. Nor would the Ohio electorate have had to desperately write protections for traditional marriage into the state constitution.

It is under the "leadership" of men like Saxbe that the Republican Party was a minority party, sitting back and passively watching as Democrats led us into the societal wilderness we currently find ourselves lost in.

Thanks, but no thanks.


BizzyBlog said...

The irony that this guy represented "fundamentalist" Bob McEwen at the OEC hearings is too rich.

It looks like it runs in the family. When Rocky's father was a senator, at a critical point in the Vietnam War, he told the press that Nixon "had taken leave of his senses."

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

"Treason" runs in his veins, hey?

More proof that your average lawyer would represent Satan himself, if the money was right.