Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Columbus Rocks?

Well, if you count air guitar!

From The Columbus Dispatch:

Since ancient times, man has taken up the guitar, practiced methodically and appealed to the masses. Since the late 1960s, with the advent of the electricguitar god, man -- in front of his home stereo, behind the wheel of his car, next to the jukebox, in his arena seat -- has mimed riffs and chords.

Millions are continuing the tradition, although a splinter group of six-stringers is performing sanctioned air-guitar tunes.

One sultan of silence is 23-year-old David "the Rocktopuss" Ayling.

The Columbus resident, whose actual guitar skills "suck," floored three U.S. Air Guitar judges at the Midwestern regionals Saturday in Metro Bar & Grill.

Thanks to a flamboyant stage presence, spot-on ghost-guitar wizardry and the requisite lack of shame, Ayling mimed his way to the U.S. Air Guitar National Championships -- to take place June 22 in New York.

The arthritis that caused me to hang up the six-string alas doesn't even allow me to play the air variety of guitar but ah -- good times!

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