Monday, May 22, 2006

'DeWine goes very, very negative'

Or so says Stephen Koff of the Plain Dealer's Openers blog. IMUHO, "going negative" is accusing your opponent's mother of barbecuing dogs or accusing you opponent of wanting to throw widows out on the street -- and refusing to pave it first!

Let us take a look at some of the claims made in Mike DeWine's fundraising letter and see if Sen. DeWine has "gone negative:"

" a lifelong liberal Democrat Congressman Brown's record on national defense and national security is frightening."

I pick on Mike DeWine a lot (he is so deserving!), but seriously -- have you looked at Sherrod Brown's record? It sends shivers down the spine.

Brown and "many of his left-leaning colleagues...wish to see President Bush fail at every turn..."

Nothing "negative" about pointing out the obvious...

Brown, "marching to the orders of his labor union backers," fought the creation of the Department of Homeland Security.

Ted Strickland serves the same master. Don't all Democrats?

"Like so many Democrats he can't resist going off on ideological tangents and embracing the agenda espoused by left-wing activists like Howard Dean, Michael Moore and Cindy Sheehan."

Mr. Brown can be a little ... uh ... fruity.

Brown "has shrewdly begun to totally bury his liberal record so he can run as a 'moderate' when it comes to national security and defense issues."

"And the liberal media is sure to let him get away with it."

Oh come on, let us be honest about the liberal media.

"It would be refreshing to have Sherrod Brown openly admit that like so many of his Democrat colleagues he wants to decimate our military power, and leave America vulnerable to the terrorists. But that would be too honest."

Brown comes from that wing of the Democrat Party that seems to oppose the military at every turn. This seems a fair charge.

So, did DeWine go "very, very negative?" Well, only if you consider telling the truth about a Democrat "negative," and if you do -- you're probably a Democrat anyway so...

Note: Hmmmm...I just sat here and defended Mike DeWine -- I think that Matt Hurley is rubbing off on me!!! :)

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