Tuesday, May 30, 2006

DeWine, Hawaii and ANWR

Mary Katherine Ham over at Hugh Hewitt's place tells us that the Akaka Bill is coming back up for discussion. What is it? As MKH puts it:
That's the Native Hawaiian bill, also know as the Akaka bill, also known as the race-based government bill, or the apartheid bill. By any name, it stinks.

The Senate will be taking up the bill right after recess, so we've got to start making some noise about how BAD it is. If not, the senators, as senators are wont to do, will entirely miss the fact that it's a racially divisive travesty of a bill that barely a majority of native Hawaiians support, and they'll end up supporting it in exchange for a History of Antebellum Teapots museum in Pumpkin Patch, N.C.
So what does this have to do with Mike DeWine? We don't know how he'll vote.

Ramesh Ponnuru on The Corner writes:
A new poll for the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii finds that only 56 percent of native Hawaiians—the ethnic group for whom the bill would create a new government—favor the bill. Among all Hawaiians, 67 percent oppose the bill. If Congress enacts this bill, D.C. will be imposing racial separatism on a state that doesn't want it.

Most Republican senators will probably vote against taking up this bill. But too many of them are for it. Stevens, Murkowski, Graham, Smith, and Coleman are co-sponsoring it. McCain is said to be leaning in favor. And we haven't heard firm "no"s yet from Allen, Brownback, DeWine, Enzi, Grassley, Hatch, Talent, or Warner. Conservatives shouldn't let their interest in the immigration bill, or the impending vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment, to distract them from opposing this bill with the vigor it deserves.
Emphasis added.

What does this have to do with ANWR? Well, as Ramesh points out, Hawaiians don't want the Akaka Bill; Alaskans do want ANWR opened up. Following that logic, DeWine can be expected to vote for the bill, if for no other reason, he'll be able to use that bargaining chip for some pork project in Ohio.

As an aside, still no word from the Senator, or his staff(s) regarding Majority Leader Boehner's questions on ANWR...


Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

We seem to be going backwards, don't we?

Matt Hurley said...

I'm not real sure we had forward momentum...