Monday, May 29, 2006

DeWine on the House-Senate Conference Committee

The Canton Repository has the article (I think it used to require a subscription but doesn't any more).

PERRY TWP. - Ohio Republican Sen. Mike DeWine, R-Cedarville, will serve on a conference committee aimed at hammering out differences between Senate and House bills addressing immigration.

“I voted in favor of the Senate bill,” DeWine said Saturday after the Perry High School Veterans Memorial dedication. “I think it starts with a good provision of establishing a border patrol.”

It includes providing 12,000 new border patrol agents, aerial reconnaissance, National Guard activation by governors in bordering states if necessary, “expedited removal” of illegal immigrants, and identity theft provisions, “which would make it more difficult for people to have forged documents if they try to get a job,” DeWine said.

The Senate bill also includes a “guest worker program” for immigrants who want to work here, and “provisions for bringing the 12 million people who are (illegal) immigrants out of the shadows so we can document who they are,” he said.

Notice the non-mention of the word "wall," or "barrier," or "amnesty," or "entitlement to Social Security and the Earned Income Tax Credit."

I really resent the attempt at snookering us.

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Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

I suspect that they will send spineless congresscritters as well -- look for an UGLY bill to come out of committee.