Friday, May 19, 2006

DeWine on Kennedy

From the Guardian (WSU):
Changing the mood to a much lighter subject, another student asked what it was like to work with Ted Kennedy.

After a laugh, DeWine said, "He's an interesting guy." Adding that Kennedy, who's been in the senate since 1962 is also easy to work with and that DeWine can sometimes find some common ground with Kennedy.

"The one thing about being in politics is that you meet some very interesting people, it doesn't mean you agree with them," said DeWine, "you learn that there are some people you can work with and find some common ground you think you couldn't work with."
Oh, yeah, that's just what we need...our senator on common ground with the Hero of Chappaquiddick.

But at least he's out campaigning and meeting people.

No word on whether or not he asked the WSU College Republicans for their vote though...

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