Thursday, May 25, 2006

DeWine Votes Against "Guest Worker" Cap (Voinovich for)

From Hot Air:

Sen. Bingaman wants to cap the number of “guest workers” at a mere 650,000 — and McCain flips out, because who are we to impose caps on anyone? It’s positively un-American, he says — which, strictly speaking, in light of the last twenty years of Congressional legislation on this subject, is technically true.

There's a vid at Hot Air (available as big WMV download only) of McCain going unhinged (go to about 11:30 of the vid).

Back to the vote. Bingaman's amendment passed 51-47 (a mini-hurrah in an otherwise pretty bad week).

Voinovch said YEA. DeWine said NO. On this vote, DeWine was to the left of BOTH California Senators Boxer and Feinstein, who as liberal as they are, appear to undestand the implications of being overwhelmed with unskilled workers. Other hard-libs voting YEA included Biden, Dodd, and Mikulski.

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