Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Did Blackwell Blow the Lead?

That is the question. Matt and I were remarking in the last days how Petro was putting up signs all over the place, yet Blackwell had little to no presence. It was less than a week before the electionb before the first Blackwell sign either of us had seen was spotted in Blue Ash (Matt lives in Butler, and I in Clermont). It seems to me that Petro stuff was popping up everywhere, as Blackwell's stock revelations came out. For the sake of conservatives in Ohio, I hope Blackwell did not take too much for granted.


Joe C. said...

It was just the opposite in Delaware County-- one of the earliest to endorse Petro. I saw the first Petro signs over the weekend. I had several people ask me: "Is there a primary or something?" "Do we vote next week?" etc. That's more telling than any amount of yard signs.

LargeBill said...

It is hard to say what message the signs send. Campaigns with limited resources may not allocate funds for signs in counties they feel they have under control. Blackwell may feel southwest Ohio isn't an area he needs to use signs to build up name recognition.

Chucko said...

That's probably the case... I offered the campaign the opportunity to put up a large sign in my yard... I live on a very busy road between 75/71, and never received a call. They must be pretty comfortable with their situation here.