Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Fulton County results final

Caught these on the radio:

Fulton County turnout: 31%, around 8,000 voters.

AG: Dann 83%, Chandra 27%

U.S. Senate: Brown 63%, Kieser 37% (!)

Gov.: Blackwell 58%, Petro 42%

AG: Montgomery 76%, Grendell 24%

Treasurer: O'Brien 57%, Bradley 43%

U.S. Senate: DeWine 72%, Pierce 14%, Smith 14%

No real surprises, I'd say, with the possible exception of Kieser's strength against Sherrod Brown. Kieser's kind of a fruitcake, from what I've read, so substantial numbers of northwest Ohio Democrats don't like Brown at all. I'm sure the DeWine camp is glad to see that.

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