Monday, May 22, 2006

Gas Prices Now An Issue

Of all the silly things to make an issue of, Democrats are making gas prices a campaign issue. that's right, the same people who have obstructed the energy plan are now trying to blame Republicans for what happens in the free market.

And it just might work... People just don't take the time to get educated on this "issue."


Anonymous said...

They don't want oil rigs being seen from our shorelines- it might turn off the tourists. Of course, who has the gas money to get to the shore. Meanwhile, the Chinese with the Cubans and Mexicans are drilling off our shores. They are not as environmentally cautious as our companies, so get ready for those oil slicks on our beaches anyway. Hot damn they are dumb!

Phil Prenger said...

No doubt about people's knowledge of such things, but I would imagine the issue will fade as gas prices fall post-Memorial Day (or at least I hope so).

We should be past the usual crunch as refineries move from their winter blends to summer blends.

BizzyBlog said...

I agree with Phil that when prices come down, as I believe they will, the libs' dependence on gas prices as an issue, already weak, will be even weaker, and perhaps a source of ridicule.