Friday, May 05, 2006

George Voinovich: Big Spender

One of the things that gets my gristle up the most these days is how the media paints Sen. George Voinovich as a "deficit hawk" during fights with the White House over tax cuts, and then ignores the junior senator's big spending ways -- like this.

From The Plain Dealer:

The Senate Thursday passed a $109 billion bill to pay for the war in Iraq and hurricane aid for the Gulf Coast, but a veto threat imperils many provisions added by lawmakers.

The bill has grown to about $14 billion more than President Bush says he is willing to accept, and difficult House-Senate talks loom over how to cut it back to his request.

The White House made clear within minutes of the vote that Bush is not backing down.

The measure passed by a 77-21 vote. Ohio Republican Sens. Mike DeWine and George Voinovich voted for it.

Bush's veto threat puts at risk items not requested by the president, such as $4 billion in farm disaster aid, $1 billion in state grants and $1.1 billion in aid to the Gulf Coast seafood industry.

Among the items in the bill is $400,000 to operate an electric barrier aimed at keeping an invasive fish species from entering the Great Lakes.

I am not sure what the Great Lakes have to do with either the War on Terror or the Gulf region, but why don't you ask George Voinovich -- he and Democrat Sen. Barack Obama put it in the bill!

Please remember this moment the next time the media and other Democrats attempt to label Voinovich a "deficit hawk." Rarely does he oppose spending, but allowing people to keep more of their own money? Why our poor senator almost gets palpitations!

UPDATE: George Voinovich also like to tax you when you are dead.

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