Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Goodbye, Hopes for Conservative Representation

So DeWine has won.

Does anyone think that he can stand a chance against Sherrod? With as many conservatives as there are up in arms against DeWine, I think that we are doomed to lose a Republican seat in the Senate this year representing Ohio.

I can say this, though: We probably won't have too much of a real change in representation. The only thing changing is the party affiliation.

I'm pretty dissapointed in the conservative voters.


Anonymous said...

DeWine is lame, but Brown is flat-out sorry. i think dewine still wins.

Anonymous said...

DeWine may be disappointing in some ways, but do you really think he isn't a better alternative than a conventional liberal?

DeWine will have my full support for the election.

Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

A big spender with more tenure and committee power can be scarier than a new big spender with less. :)

I'd rather waste my vote than vote for someone who's going to waste my vote for me.

Anonymous said...

The DeWine win disgusted me, too. Sherrod Brown's pretty cuddly, but I really don't want to have to vote for him on November. Maybe we can light a fire under DeWine's RINO butt and get him to lay off the entitlement cr--er, crud!

Anonymous said...

I will write in bill pierce. My party ignored me and the conservatives of this state. they helped dewine help a liar to destroy the opposition vote. So, now, I am ignoring them. If people wanted real change, they should have voted for one of the challengers. Obviously, they like being betrayed.