Wednesday, May 03, 2006

gov update:final thoughts

That's it for me. at 56-44 it was nowhere near a 20 point lead, but 12 is pretty large. Blackwell had a comfortable lead all along and Petro never had a chance at closing the gap.

Final thoughts.

1. Newspaper endorsements mean diddly squat.
2. If there was any crossover voting, it didn't help Petro.
3. Negative campaigns WORK! even in 'nice' Ohio!

I also firmly believe that despite the conventional wisdom, the nominee would emerge stronger from this process. Let's face it, we now know all the lines of attack on Blackwell, he's been tested. They won't resonate as well because it's 'old news' now. While we've just started to learn about Strickland.

Strickland is no pushover candidate, he's a solid nomination and will be tough to beat, but I firmly believe that Blackwell can take him and end up with a 55-45 victory in November.

Thanks everyone, been fun!

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