Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Henry County nearly complete

My old stomping grounds seem to be doing better in counting votes than anywhere else around here (31 of 33 precincts). It was never that way back when I had to stand in the courthouse and wait for the computer printouts to be finished.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

While we all mull that pressing question, here's what folks in farm country have to say:

Gov: Blackwell 56%, Petro 44%

AG: Montgomery 76%, Grendell 24%

Treasurer: O'Brien 57%, Bradley 43%

U.S. Senate: DeWine 76%, Smith 14%, Pierce 10%

1st State Senate: Hoops 59%, Buehrer 41%

Keep in mind, Henry County is small. We're talking under 4,500 total votes cast.

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