Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Henry County results

Henry County is putting out some of its results now - with 80% of precincts counted ...

At this point, they're showing 27.2% turnout - lower than I expected with all the local issues and candidates.

At the moment, only Democratic races are reported.

Governor: Strickland over Flannery, 80%-20%.

AG: Dann over Chandra, 78%-22%.

U.S. Senate: Here's a bit of a surprise, with Brown at 69% and Keiser at 31%. Most likely just Democrats leary of Brown.

Supco: O'Neill over Wagner, 55%-45%.

Supco: Espy over Sikora, 55%-45%.

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cbaus said...

Ah, I see the tax man, Jim Hoops, is only beating conservative Steve Buehrer 59-41 in his home county for Senate District 1. That is a good sign.