Monday, May 22, 2006

Hewitt on DeWine

This might have held more weight with me IF he was with us during the primary... You have to care about principles all the time, Hugh.....

Actually, if Hugh wanted to impress me, he'd take Steven's DeWine Challenge.

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BizzyBlog said...

I so despise being given such a crappy choice, which came about only because:
- The state press didn't do its job covering challengers, even when they drew blood.
- A serial candidate decided after running for congress in 3 states in 3 years and ever getting more than 10% of the vote that he was ready for the bigtime -- but that we weren't ready to learn about his background.
- People who should know better supported this serial candidate even when his unelectability was proven.
- And yes, because blogger-pundits like Hewitt didn't take the 60 seconds needed to learn about a true conservative alternative to DeWine.