Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Statement from RNC chairman Ken Mehlman: "For 30 years Ken Blackwell has fought to reform government for Ohio families and workers. His mission today is more important than ever before. He is committed to reforming government for the Ohio taxpayer and worker. His opponent is a Washington politician who has not passed a single law during his time in Congress. If Ohio voters want change they will support Ken Blackwell's proven reputation of reform, not Ted Strickland's history of staying with the status quo."

"I have often said that the Republican Party -- the Party of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass -- cannot be truly whole until it welcomes more African Americans back home. Great candidates like Ken Blackwell are one of the many ways we are doing exactly that. The Republican Party is united in its support for Ken Blackwell and will work together to ensure his historic election."

This statement would have had a LOT more credibility if it had been issued before the election.


Mark said...

Amen, Dave....Ken shows, he like Bennett, is a hack....nuff said....We can take heart in Blackwell, O'Brien (hopefully), an Schmidt. We can mourn the loss of the Senate seat come November. But we must keep the state government red.

Mark said...

by ken, I mean mehlman, not blackwell.