Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Immigration Unity

J Pod:
"The immigration debate is a very heated and passionate one, and the heat and passion on the part of those on the restrictionist side have been useful tools for pushing the conversation in your direction. But there's a difference between heated disagreement and the insistence on lock-step uniformity. . . . This inability to stomach disagreement on a hot-button issue should be troubling to anyone and everyone who has found an intellectual home on the Right — in part to avoid the kind of crippling self-censorship that has afflicted the P.C. Left."

Glenn Reynolds:
Yes. If you find yourself sounding like a Kos diarist, step away from the blog and take a break, lest you do for your cause what the Kossacks have done for theirs.

Matt Hurley: Glenn's advice sounds good on any number of issues really...

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Anonymous said...

I just want the immigration debate to go away. Something, anything to make it go away. Pick it up next congressional term.