Tuesday, May 02, 2006

It's MAY, Not November...

US Newswire:
Statement by RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman on Senator Mike DeWine for re-election in Ohio:

"Mike DeWine is an independent conservative who has served Ohio since he was a prosecutor in Greene County. In the Senate, he is working to create jobs in Ohio, supporting tax cuts for families and small businesses, and working to protect our soldiers fighting overseas and help their families at home. His opponent, Congressman Sherrod Brown has a more extreme record than Dennis Kucinich. This race will offer voters a clear choice come November between DeWine's record of accomplishment and independence versus Brown's knee-jerk liberalism. The Republican Party stands firmly behind Mike DeWine."
Hey, Ken...it's a primary, not the general. DeWine's opponents tonight are two guys named Bill Pierce and that other guy. Remember Pierce's name...you'll need it.


LargeBill said...

That statement is why the RNC keeps getting their requests for cash returned empty.

Matt Hurley said...