Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Legislature Enacts Spending Controls

This just in from the Blackwell campaign via email:
The Ohio General Assembly today enacted a key component of Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Blackwell's economic recovery agenda state government spending controls. The Ohio House and Senate passed provisions limiting state government spending increases to 3.5 percent over the previous state budget. In addition, the new law requires a supermajority vote of the legislature to increase spending beyond the 3.5 percent ceiling.

"Today, Ohio has taken a giant step forward in the fight to reform our tax code, cut taxes and create jobs," said Blackwell. "I thank Speaker Jon Husted and Senate President Bill Harris for joining me in the effort to make Ohio more competitive in the economic marketplace.'

"As governor, I will continue to work with the General Assembly on an economic agenda that encourages entrepreneurship and gets our economy moving again," added Blackwell.
Advancing the ball...that is what it is all about... Sure, if the amendment gets pulled, we won't be able to advance the ball as far as we would have liked, but this is a win in my book.

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Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

A giant step forward? No, baby steps -- but at least they're in the right direction.