Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"Let Blackwell be Blackwell"

From the Toledo Blade:

KEN Blackwell shouldn't be bullied by his weak-kneed fellow Republicans. He must force them to stick with the deal they made last year and keep his tax and expenditure limitation (TEL) amendment on the Nov. 7 ballot.

The votes hadn't been completely counted after last week's primary election when some Ohio GOP leaders were plotting ways to deep-six TEL, centerpiece of the secretary of state's winning campaign for the Republican nomination for governor.

Their timid view was that the constitutional amendment's proposed strict limits on state and local taxes and spending would scare off enough voters to cost the GOP the governor's office and, possibly, control of the General Assembly in the fall election.


The Republicans will fare better in November if they let Ken Blackwell be what he should be - the conscience of fiscal conservatism the mainstream elements of the party have shunned while controlling the Statehouse for the past 16 years.
Hat tip: Sixers.

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