Sunday, May 21, 2006

Local TEL and Spending Control

Good points all.

On the local TEL issue -- I'm certainly not saying that a lot of local govts. don't need to be reined in. They do.

But Paul, isn't the solution in Henry County to elect a new slate off commissioners? (I assume they're commissioners and not commisars)

I thinking passing a TEL constitutional amendment through initiiative and trying to fix it would have required another constitutional amendment that legislation alone wouldn't have been permitted to fix.

There may be a way to write a local TEL that can be put up for all state voters, but the one that was written isn't/wasn't it, and I think most voters would have recognized that and taken down the whole thing. The way it was written, no one would want the new plant that Honda is looking to put in, because no one could increase their budget in time to serve the new plant (police, fire, etc.) either during its construction or once it's built. You have to assume a 6-12 month delay in getting the voters' approval for an above-TEL increase, and you can't count on the voters approving what you basically had to promise Honda to get them to build in the first place. Honda could find many places more conducive to industrial development outside of Ohio if that's the scenario they were presented with.

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