Friday, May 26, 2006

Lost in Space

This just in from the Ney campaign:
Just hours after the Ney for Congress campaign issued a press release calling attention to a radio interview that 18th District Democrat congressional candidate Zack Space conducted last week with liberal leader and transgender-king Rachel Maddow on the ultra-liberal Air America radio network, Space has removed a reference and link to the interview from his campaign’s website. In the now lost in space interview with Maddow, whose show interestingly enough does not air on any radio station within the 18th Congressional District, Space outlined his “progressive” agenda and said that he did not consider “social issues” to still be “hot button” issues.”

“How can anyone expect Zack Space to fight for the working families of the 18th District when he can’t even fight and defend his own liberal views,” Ney campaign manager Matthew Parker questioned today.

Parker continued, “Apparently, being a ‘progressive’ candidate means not only a support for higher taxes, more abortions and San Francisco politics, but it also means folding when the political winds become too hot. Why doesn’t Zack Space want the people of Ohio’s 18th District to know that he has been pandering to national liberal leaders in an effort to raise campaign cash? Why does he tell people in Ohio that he supports Ohio values, but then goes on an ultra-liberal radio show hosted by a cross-dressing gay rights leader and tell her that “social issues” are not “hot button” issues?”

“Well Congressman Ney has a message for Zack Space – social issues do matter. Fighting against tax hikes on working families is a social issue. Protecting the sanctity of life is a social issue. Defending the Second Amendment is a social issue. Protecting the institution of marriage is a social issue. And most importantly, standing and fighting for what you believe in is a social issue. Yet, while we all know that Zack intends to support Nancy Pelosi from San Francisco for Speaker of the House and with that her agenda of higher taxes, gay rights, more abortions, and more gun control, he apparently doesn’t have the courage to just say so. Instead, what we see is Zack Space pandering to national liberal leaders from around the country and then trying to hide it when he’s called out on it,” Parker concluded.

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