Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lucas County coming along

Lucas County is always slow in reporting results, so no surprise that they're only at 46% of precincts reporting.

All the interesting stuff around Toledo is local. A relatively unknown young Democrat, Ben Konop, has been campaigning for commissioner like it was a White House run. He's even made appearances outside Lucas County to energize area Democrats and build a sort of "star" appeal.

It seems to have worked. Konop is ahead of Lucas County fixture Phil Copeland and another known quantity, Tim Wagener, 46%-31%-23%.

Turnout appears to be extremely low. The vote totals on the Dem side haven't crossed 10,000 yet.

Republicans are perhaps at their weakest ever in Lucas County after the Noe affair - and that's saying a lot, because they've been weak a long time. Upstart Pam Haynam is getting trounced by George Sarantou. Neither has a chance come fall.

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