Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mary Jo Kilroy: Abortion Extremist

Mary Jo Kilroy hangs with some of the ugliest people.

From The Columbus Dispatch:

Rep. Deborah Pryce of Upper Arlington is a Tom DeLay archconservative in the halls of Congress posing as moderate Republican in her central Ohio district, Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy told a group of Washington reporters yesterday.

Kilroy was in Washington to attend a breakfast introducing the Pryce challenger to several hundred members of Emily's List, the organization that steers campaign contributions to pro-abortion rights Democratic women candidates.

Kilroy, a Franklin County commissioner, also met with reporters to discuss why she believes Pryce, the fourth-ranking House GOP leader, is vulnerable in November and why Republicans are in danger of losing their House majority.

Pryce has become more conservative, including scaling back her stance in favor of abortion rights, as she has risen in GOP leadership, and is a rubber stamp for the Bush administration, Kilroy said.

Pryce's record "is about as moderate as (former House Majority Leader) Tom DeLay," the Texas Republican who stepped aside in the wake of scandals, Kilroy said.

The Pryce campaign charged that it is Kilroy who is out of step with the district. Kilroy, who opposes the Bush-backed $70 billion tax-cut package approved this week by Congress, is trying to "divert attention from her extreme liberal record of supporting tax increases," said John DeStefano, Pryce's campaign manager.

Is Deborah Pryce Tom DeLay in high heels? I don't think so. While I have proudly endorsed Mrs. Pryce, Rep. Pryce is a moderate with a lifetime American Conservative Union rating of 79. Tom DeLay's? 95.

Emily's List is a discriminatory organization which opposes all limitations on abortion and stands on the fringes of American society. Fitting though, I suppose: Mary Jo Kilroy is a fringe character herself.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting that the article calls Pryce a "Tom DeLay archconservative" but, at least in the quote the Dispatch gives, Kilroy doesn't.

Nice bit of rhetorical flourish from the reporter.