Saturday, May 20, 2006

Montgomery to Keep Fighting

From The Columbus Dispatch:

State Auditor Betty D. Montgomery's hospitalization for a rare nerve disorder will not affect the operation of her office or her political campaign, officials said yesterday.

Montgomery is being treated in the intensive-care unit at Ohio State University Medical Center where on Thursday she was diagnosed as having the syndrome.

The ailment is described as being "friendly fire" from confused antibodies that kill nerves, often causing paralysis and breathing problems.

If Montgomery were unable to continue her campaign for attorney general, she could withdraw as the GOP nominee by Aug. 23. The Ohio Republican Party state central committee would name a replacement for the fall ballot.

She will not get my vote (the extortion of tobacco companies was just too much for me to bear and you'll excuse me for beating a dead horse, but they ain't spending the ill-gotten goods on Medicare -- yet another reason to fight for TEL and distrust the general assembly), but she does have my prayers.

Get well soon!

1 comment:

Daniel J. Mount said...

Because I do not wish illness on anyone, I hope she recovers.

But if she elects to drop out of the race, I sure hope they put a pro-life person on the ballot in her place.

Tim Grendell, anyone?