Monday, May 22, 2006

More Big Spending By Sen. George Voinovich

No wonder Sen. George Voinovich opposed letting Americans keep more of the money they earned.

From The Ironton Tribune:

Sen. George Voinovich is looking to continue the Appalachian Regional Commission, which some local leaders say could be very good news for our area.

Voinovich sponsored the bill on Thursday that would fund the ARC at $510.9 million over five years.

Since it's inception, the ARC has fostered economic development and improving quality of life for the 23 million people who live and work in Appalachia.

I am not good at math, but pulling out my calculator and dividing 510.9 million by 23 million gets me 22.17 million.

Why don't we just give each of the 23 million people who live in Appalachia a million dollars and save ourselves $487 million?

UPDATE: Like I said, I'm not good at math at all!

Since Phil doesn't suffer from my mathematical affliction and is correct that Voinovich's plan adds up to $22-per-person... :)

Now the media can call me a "deficit hawk!"


Phil Prenger said...

FYI, 23 million x $1 million = $23 trillion.


Phil Prenger said...

Also, $510 million divided by 23 million is only 22 (not 22 million).

I'm done with my mathematical fact checking now.