Thursday, May 04, 2006

More Campaign Notes

From The (Toledo) Blade:

Ken Blackwell as Muhammad Ali?

I like this quote:

Neil Clark, one of the most powerful Statehouse lobbyists, said the Blackwell-Strickland race could resemble the Bush-Kerry race of 2004 in Ohio.

Mr. Kerry carried Cuyahoga County by a wide margin and all urban areas except Hamilton County, and still lost to Mr. Bush by fewer than 120,000 votes.

"There's a movement out there," Mr. Clark said. "The American family is tired of politicians. They're tired of the fact that no one is paying attention to their wallet. The reason that it's so easy for Ken Blackwell to fight like a Muhammad Ali and have the attitude of Ronald Reagan is he looks you in the eye, he stares you down, and says, 'I want change.' "

Me: Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee Ken!

A Toledo Councilman was charged with taking bribes.

Me: Sounds like corruption to me; maybe even a culture of such?

Defiance County voters didn't want to increase their taxes.

Me: I've always loved that name: "Defiance." It just sends shivers of delight down my spine!

'A candidate's two sons don't vote, causing his race to end in a tie!'

Me: Ah, Democrats! (Race will probably be decided by coin flip.)

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