Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More Turnout News

This time from Lincoln Logs, an SOB Alliance member:
Low turnout. Last year when I voted just before 8am, I was number 64. This year I am number 14. That tells me that turnout is going to be exceeding low. Probably 20-30% in my ward.
Best of luck to Matt as he is also on the ballot running for his County Central Committee (unopposed).


Andy Vance said...

My Dad reported from Highland county that as of 8:30 this morning he was #7 - normally at that time he should easily have been in the fifties.

Matt Hurley said...

This is not good. I really prefer a high turnout, that way we really know that the will of the People is being done.

cbaus said...

I agree in principle that low numbers are a travesty. BUT - low numbers will help hard-core conservatives get more of the right candidates nominated today. I think the rain helps Blackwell, Pierce, Grendell, O'Brien, etc.

Matt Hurley said...

Chad, honestly, I think Blackwell would win even with high turnout. As far as advancing the agenda, I would really like to see an election where I could tell where we've spotted the ball...we'll not get that with a low turnout. But if it helps Pierce, Grendell, and O'Brien, then there is a silver lining to this particular storm cloud.