Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ney Statement

Via email:
"For the past 11 years, it has been a true privilege to represent the people of Ohio's 18th District and I am honored tonight to have received the very strong support and nomination of the Republican Party to stand for re-election this November. When I first announced my re-election bid this past January, I predicted two things: first, I would run a very vigorous campaign for re-election and I would be in this race to win; two, that my opponents would use all available financial resources and cheap political tactics at their disposal to attack me. Tonight those predictions have been answered.

"First, with the strong support for my nomination and a resounding victory at the polls tonight we have taken the first step forward to a victory in November. I am honored to have the support of the Republican Party in the 18th District and I have no intention of dishonoring their trust in me by abandoning my bid for re-election. Second, over the last several months, and I expect in the months ahead, we have seen, and will see, hundreds of thousands of unregulated dollars, often from billionaire internationalist George Soros, pour into the 18 th District in an attempt to smear my character and support my opponents. In addition, my own opponents have spent tens of thousands of their own campaign dollars in radio and TV ads to complement George Soros' efforts and in an effort to keep me off the ballot. Once again, the coordinated efforts of the liberal establishment have failed in Ohio and they will fail again in November.

"As with all elections, voters in the 18th District this November will have a choice between two very different candidates with two very competing philosophies, but unlike most elections, the consequences this November will be far greater. If elected, the first vote Zack Space will cast as a Member of Congress will be in support of Rep. Nancy Pelosi from San Francisco to be the new Speaker of the House. In doing so, this will be a vote for higher taxes, gun control, more abortions, radical environmental regulations and a cut-and-run policy in the war on terror. In contrast, I will continue to support a leadership in Congress that supports lower taxes for working families, that works to protect the Second Amendment, that believes in the sanctity of life, that fights for common-sense energy policies that will lower our gas prices, and that will continue to protect our nation and its borders from those who seek to do us harm.

"The people of the 18th District deserve real solutions to the important issues affecting them. At a time when our economy is still struggling and we are fighting to create more jobs, we should not be raising taxes on working families as Nancy Pelosi seeks to do. At a time when gas prices are much too high, we should not be imposing new radical environmental regulations as Nancy Pelosi will seek to do. Finally, at a time when America is engaged in a war on terror and tens of thousands of our brave soldiers are standing on the front lines, we should not be disparaging our troops by supporting a cut-and-run policy as Nancy Pelosi will seek to do.

"These are just a few of the many important directions the voters of the 18th District will have to choose between this November. In the weeks and months ahead, I look forward to a very vigorous debate on these issues and again, I am honored and humbled by the strong support of the voters in the 18th District today."
Behold the power of press releases less than 17 pages...

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