Tuesday, May 02, 2006

No Low Turnout in Black Swamp Territory

This is Chad's story. Not real sure if he'll be by later to expound on it or not, but he sent me a link, so I'm sharing...
Judging by turnout in the heart of the Black Swamp, it appears that the rain blanketing our state today is NOT going to dampen conservative voter turnout.

Last week Brett Kolb, Director Fulton County Board of Elections, predicted 80% voter turnout in Archbold and German Township precincts, where voters are weighing in on an unprecedented 9.78 mil school levy. According to the Secretary of State's office, there are 162 school issues (24 Bond and 138 Tax Issues) being considered around the state. Archbold's is one of the largest.
Check it out at Black Swamp Conservative.

UPDATE: Chad says he won't be able to participate today but will update me when he can. My very own Black Swamp Correspondent...now I have everything! :)


BizzyBlog said...

Considering Fulton county's GOP put DeWine in third, this is a very good thing.

Matt Hurley said...

I couldn't agree more...this is excellent news!