Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ohio 88th District Statehouse: Bubp Goes Negative

In his last campaign mailer, the little Marine Danny Bubp, who promised not to go negative against his opponent, Paul Hall, issued a rather hypocritical group of statements. On certain issues, it has Bubp's picture and a law he helped sponsor on one side, and on the other is Paul Hall's pic with "no record."

Just last election, Mr. Bubp, you didn't have a record, either. To now use that as your sole claim to fame reeks of hypocrisy. As this particular campaign has worn along, I have lost more and more respect for Mr. Bubp. His operatives use tactics reminiscent of the Dems in sign placement, and he speaks a lot about generalities, but only now in this last minute mailing did he get down to tailor made specifics.

Mr. Bubp, you lost my vote. I cast my vote this morning for Paul Hall, for the 88th House District for General Assembly.

Unlike you, Mr. Bubp, Paul honored his pledge not to go negative or engage in political piefacing, which you did in your last mailer.


Andy Vance said...

Col. Bubp is a decorated Marine who has served his country and his constituents well. The fact that he sent a campaign mailer that claimed his opponent had no record is hardly negative. Regardless, Col. Bubp is a great man who at the very least, deserves a measure of respect for what he has accomplished in his decades of service.

Mark said...


I agree with you about his accomplishments as a Marine. He has done a decent job. And I guess you are right. While it is not negative, it denotes a lack of class. Especially when Mr. Bubp's source was the official record of the Ohio Statehouse. I mean, that is a far cry from Mr. Hall actually not having a record at all on stating positions, don't you think?