Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ohio Republicans: The Wimpiest Wimps Who Ever Wimped

From the AP via the Akron Beacon Journal:

The drawing of Ohio's political districts would be taken away from politicians and given to a new, bipartisan commission under a House bill being released on Thursday.

In a compromise with backers of last year's failed Reform Ohio Now initiatives, Republican House Speaker Jon Husted has crafted a proposed constitutional amendment for November that creates the redistricting commission. The commission would be charged with drawing political lines that take into account "compactness, congruity and keeping communities together," said Rep. Kevin DeWine, the bill's sponsor.

After the media and other Democrats made a big noise last year over the Reform Ohio Now initiatives, voters soundly rejected them all. Amazingly, Ohio Republicans seem bent on passing each and every one of the failed initiatives themselves.

Meanwhile, the voters yawn. One of the initiatives, absentee voting for any reason or no reason, passed by the Republicans before last November's election, has been a collective failure. There has been no increase in the amount of absentee ballots requested by the electorate.

As I predicted, Democrats, sensing the opportunity to mold districts to their benefit, have suddenly changed their collective minds and now like the status quo.

I would say that the Republicans currently in power deserve to lose, but shiver at the possibility of full tilt boogie liberals taking charge.


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