Monday, May 15, 2006

Perspective on DeWine vs Brown

I know conservatives have been disappointed in Mike DeWine - particularly many of the S.O.B.'ers. But Jim Geraghty, in a post on why it doesn't make sense for the conservative base to sit out this fall's elections, makes clear how much worse than DeWine the alternative would be:

Look at the Republicans most in jeopardy in 2006. (I’m using National Journal’s most recent rankings.)

In the Senate, a bad year for the Republicans would mean the loss of Rick Santorum (who has lifetime American Conservative Union rating of 88 out of a possible 100, and a 92 in 2005) in Pennsylvania, Jim Talent (93 rating lifetime, and a 96 in 2005) in Missouri, Conrad Burns (91, and a perfect 100 in 2005) in Montana and Mike DeWine (80 lifetime, only 56 in 2005) in Ohio. Of course, Ohio voters who sit this one out will replace DeWine with Sherrod Brown, who has a lifetime rating of 8 and 4 for 2005. And they won’t get to revisit that decision until 2012.

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