Wednesday, May 31, 2006


The last two "P's" stand for "poor planning."

From The Plain Dealer:

A lot had to happen, on time, for the May 2 primary election to be successful in Cuyahoga and Lorain counties.

Both counties were using Diebold's new optical scanners to count absentee ballots, so they had technical challenges to overcome.

Both counties had to modify the machines, wiring them directly into elections computers to bypass the limited capacity in the machines' memory cards.

Both counties also needed big stacks of test ballots to run through the machines to see if they counted accurately.

Both counties needed to test the machines well before Election Day, leaving enough time to fix anything that did not work.

But only one county, Lorain, met the deadline. Cuyahoga was a step behind from the start and never caught up.

The result was that Lorain County voters learned the results of their elections May 2. Cuyahoga voters waited five more days.

If pols can't even run a simple election, do you really expect them to plan for your retirement or educate your children?

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