Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Rain, overcast in SW Ohio

Went to the Scott Township hall today, it was drizzling a bit, with the fogs of change, hopefully, in terms of the Senate race. As soon as I got my test ballot I went in to fill in the big bulbous circles, reminscent of all the other scantron tests I have taken in my life. We have a test today, of whether Ohio's GOP is to return to Reaganic Principles, or to continue to Taft terror. I scanned my ballot and immediately sought out the race for US Senate, coloring in (stay in the lines, Mark, stay in the lines)the circle next to William G. Pierce for US Senate. Then, I went to the governor's race and placed a vote for Blackwell. Thankfully, there were no levies or other superfluous issues to shoot down, just the candidates.

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