Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Re: 2008 and Rudy

In his book Leadership, Rudy Guiliani states that he is pro-choice. He also states that in 1998, he advanced pioneering legislation in support of gay rights.

Let us hope that Rudy does not win the primary, because if he does, the social conservatives will definitely sit out the general election. I, for one, cannot in good conscience vote for him. From my perspective, he would be a worse President than Hillary Clinton. Should he win, the Republican Party will become the party of choice for the next eight years. Should he lose, we would have a pro-choice gay-rights president, too, but at least the Republican Party could stay conservative.

Should Guiliani win the primary, I would seriously consider joining what would unquestionably be thousands of other Ohio conservatives in voting for the Constitution Party's candidate. Our move would, without doubt, remove Ohio from the GOP column. That would probably cost the election. But our party would stay true to its principles and would return to fight another day.

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Eric Kephas said...

Personally, I am 100% behind Rudy in 2008.