Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Re: Bennett

Brain Shavings says:
Since Petro was all but formally the state party's candidate, that would imply that the current Ohio GOP leadership had the wrong candidate with the wrong message at the wrong time, no?
That's pretty much my read of it...and I've been shouting that very message at anybody who could hear me in the political class in Columbus. Nothing quite like an electoral Declaration of Independence to get the message through, eh?

I actually think that Bennett needs to go. His handling of the Taft mess was just atrocious. That he didn't bother to take the temperature of the party in regards to asking for Taft's resignation after his "troubles" borders on negligence if you ask me...and you haven't... In the end, I expect Bennett will hang on as long as he possibly can to the reigns of power as he takes the Ohio GOP over the cliff...


BizzyBlog said...

Bob Bennett must go, if for no other reason than his shameless manipulation of the US Senate race.

Let's start with moving up the ORP's endorsement of DeWine to be sure it predated Pierce's announcement within 24 hours of when it became clear that Pierce would run.

Let's move on to the ORP-inspired blackballing of challengers at the Hamilton County GOP endorsement meeting in February (don't pretend it didn't happen; I have the script):

I'm fairly sure that similar kangaroo-like processes occurred in the other big-county endorsements that occurred.

I could go a lot further, but I am unfortunately less sure about other matters. What I'm certain of is this: the ORP was determined that Mike DeWine should win. THAT'S NOT THEIR PLACE: They should have stayed neutral and let the process play out. That criticism extends to almost every competitive race, AND to the ones that became uncontested because of arm-twisting.

Bob Bennett must go. I consider it Ken Blackwell's first test of credibility. If he does nothing, maybe he IS Ken Taftwell.

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

True neutrality in primaries should be SOP for all political parties (barring extremly unusual circumstances.)

Oldsmoblogger said...

It was telling (to me, but what the heck do I know?) that the central committee in Cuyahoga County declined to endorse in the gubernatorial primary race. It was Petro's home turf, and if it weren't already clear that Petro was toast, that clinched it.

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy, as far as I'm concerned. Those anti-TEL TV spots right before the primary were atrocious.